Public speaking

public speaking

Public speaking is identified as a most common fear of people. Public speaking can be hard sometimes when you have to present in front of a huge audience. Public speaking can also be hard during a two people conversation and its okay. We aren’t born natural great speakers; everything is  a result of practice. Studies have shown that even great speakers get nervous while speaking and its completely natural. But despite of their fear, they perform really well and that’s what you have to do. If public speaking is your fear, face it.

Public speaking works differently for different speakers. If you are speaking a new language, you don’t have to sound like a native speaker; you should speak in your own tone. Public speaking is all about your unique tool to share your art to the world. Public speaking is indeed, an art. Get to know 3 P’s of Public speaking from linkedin.

Secret to better public speaking


Be prepared

This might seem common, you may have known this point already but are you really prepared? If you want your speech to make an impact, you should be prepared. This might sound easy but it isn’t that easy. You should take notes, prepare enough slides, write a speech and clear the errors. There’s a lot to do. If you want to be seen as a professional, you need to prepare professional.

Carry a water bottle

There are times when you may sound harsh or maybe the venue might be a hot place. Carrying a water bottle to the venue might be a fantastic idea. When you present a long speech, you often get thirsty. So, carrying a water bottle will help you quench the thirst. It will also help you make a difference in your voice and make you more comfortable.

Use non verbal communication

The hand gestures or your standing position makes a big difference. With voice, gestures should also be clear. Avoid crossing your hands while speaking; it can make a negative impact on your listeners. But make sure you’re using gestures naturally. Be comfortable with yourself and don’t over use the gestures, it might make you and the audience awkward. 

Make eye contact

Now this is really important. If you speak really well but avoid eye contacts, then your presentation is not going to be effective. You should make connection with your audience through eyes, this will help your audience be interested in your speech. Making a speech is useless without eye contact, so make sure you’re making a regular eye contact with you audience.

Wear comfortable

Imagine you’re standing in front of a huge audience; you’re normal outside but physically you’re sweating or redden. This will make a bad impact of yourself within the audience because you won’t be able to concentrate on your speech.  Try wearing something comfortable, some light clothes that will make your confidence as well as enhance your confidence.

Take a pause

Don’t speak like you’re reading. Your voice is something that can make most of the impact to your audience. If you have a excellent script but you read your script, then your speech won’t make an impact on people. Stop using the words like “ah”, “umm”. Instead of using these words, take a very short pause and continue again. Small pauses highlight important points of your speech. 

Give rise to curiosity

Don’t make your speech boring. The audience is there to listen to you; they want to learn from you. Provide the audience with a curiosity in between your speech. Maybe you can leave your audience a question. Try being interactive rather than a one way communication. Try building up curiosity; don’t answer each and every question. Make your audience guess the answer. This way you can make your speech much fun.

Bottom Line

The most important point to become a successful speaker is confidence. If you want to learn something, you need to practice. But if you’re not dedicated towards learning a particular stuff, then practice won’t work. First you need to be interested in learning.  Public speaking can be really fearful experience, but it is very essential in building up your career. No matter which aspect of career you belong to, public speaking is necessary for people of every aspect.


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