What is creativity?

Social media is an addiction in today’s world. Out of 7 billion people, 50% of the people use social media. Social media, no doubt has created a lot of opportunities and tons of benefits in people’s lives. Social media is a channel of communication. Despite this advantage, social media has many downsides. We start scrolling Instagram and 5 hours are gone, we start using TikTok and a whole day is gone. Social media has made us dull and we cannot think of anything outside the box. To everyone who finds happiness in social media, this is not your real world. Social media is just one reason we’re being dull, it is killing our creativity.

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To simply put, Creativity is changing your imagination into reality. A creative person has a different world of patterns, drawings, connections that aren’t normal to another person. An innovative person comes up with different ideas for different situations. For example, if you’re painting, you’re completely engaged in a different world of doodles, drawings, colors and you don’t even pay attention to your body or your life problems. That’s how powerful the world of creativity is.

The modern rules to unleash your creativity


Do only if you’re interested

Many people do things not because they’re interested but because do it. Unless you’re not interested in doing stuff, don’t do it. This won’t bring creativity to you. Creation is all about connections. You can’t connect to things unless you can’t see them. People do things they’re not interested in to avoid fear. When you do things you’re not interested in, you’re not motivated, and you’re doing it because everyone does. You should not fear disapproval.

Creativity takes time

If you’re thinking that immediately after reading this blog you’re going to get creative, you’re getting it wrong.  Innovation takes time. Every creative person spends to have a vision and only after having a clear vision, one pursues it. Before focusing on the final product, one should answer some questions. Are you interested in this? What elements should your products needs? How can you bring them together to create magic? For example, a painter should see the materials like colors, characters, emotions, images in their mind. Only then, they should start painting.

Embrace yourself

Realize the fact that you’re unique, everyone’s unique. Don’t feel down when they can do it and you can’t. Stop comparing yourself to others. This is the most common mistake people make. You scroll Instagram, you see everyone’s unleashing their uniqueness and you’re just sitting there scrolling. People often get jealous and discouraged with envy.

But, hey, you’re different.  The only difference between you and them is, they embraced their uniqueness and you didn’t. Stop scrolling Instagram, and embrace your uniqueness right away. Check out 7 ways to embrace who you are by Divethru.


Practicing your interests might help you discover your mediums and connections. Always carry a notebook where ever you go. It will be easy to quickly note ideas that immediately pop into your head. If you’re good at art, practice sketching, if your good at music practice music. But, the practice shouldn’t stop. As I said before, don’t expect creativity immediately after practice. It will take time, maybe months or years. But one day, your years of practice will become fruitful. Stay patient and keep practicing.

Creativity is not a rule

Creativity is something you’re born with. It is not learned, it comes naturally. Creation varies from person to person. You just need to recognize your preferences and interests. It is your choice to be creative or not. If you feel you’re not creative, then you’ll never become creative. Note down that innovation is a common human trait and start to discover the inner you now.

Bottom Line

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Creativity is a connection that builds one after another. It needs to be build up by you, by your thoughts. We are all together in this. It’s not only you feeling discouraged by everyone’s progress. It happens but let’s not think this way. Starting today let us all work on embracing ourselves. You are unique and innovative, just recognize it. Everyone can create, you can create. If you don’t like it, change it with your creativeness.

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