Social media and creativity


Social media is an addiction in today’s world. Out of 7 billion people, 50% of the people use social media. Social media, no doubt has created a lot of opportunities and tons of benefits in people’s lives. Social media is just one reason we’re being dull, it is killing our creativity. Social media is a channel of communication. Despite this advantage, social media has many downsides. We start scrolling Instagram and 5 hours are gone, we start using TikTok and a whole day is gone. Social media has made us dull and we cannot think of anything outside the box. TO everyone who finds happiness in social media, this is not your real world. 

How social media ruins your creativity

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Social media’s like Pinterest and Instagram is used as a source of inspiration where people upload and search their thing of interest. Designers and marketers all around the world posts design that inspire people, the world is getting inspired with these peoples.

Creativity is about generating ideas, being innovative and most importantly being original. Creativity doesn’t come when you scroll Instagram for ideas. We are simply copying other’s ideas and transforming them into our product and that is not what creativity looks like. This is a dangerous society full of duplicates. From restaurants to offices, we see people hanging on their phones. To stare at the screen, scrolling endlessly to smiling constantly, social media addiction has reached its peak. With creativity, productivity has also decreased vastly due to the overuse of social media.

The art of communication and creativity has died due to social media. Do you realize that we are getting awkward in face-to-face conversations more than ever? In this world, the youth and adult population using social media is rare.

Even though social media has made a good source of communication and the world has been digitalized. But do we realize that we are losing the sense of real life? Face-to-face meets, live discussions were a way people used to develop new ideas and this has reduced. Even in a physical group meet, people are busy on their phones scrolling and doing nothing. The more hours you spend time on social media, the more you lose a chunk of your creative time. creative people block social media websites and apps to focus on their daily tasks and you should do it for yourself.

Social media has its advantages but one should use social media wisely by keeping certain limits. Your life is stressful and the reason is social media. You aren’t able to complete the tasks because you are hanged up all day on social media. Your pending tasks are what is making your life stressful.

Have you ever spent a whole day without your phone or even without social media? I guess no.

Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages, there’s nothing in the world that has only advantages. But one should focus on advantages. Social media is a great source to communicate with people and connect with the world. But excessive use of anything is a great disadvantage.

Now let’s come to kids. Tiktok is now a great platform where everyone especially teens. Kids nowadays can showcase their talent on the TikTok platform but are we doing good? A girl who can’t hold a pencil well is getting famous on TikTok. This is normal or only I am not getting it?

Now for teens, how many people liked their posts and getting enough followers is more important. This addiction to social media is disrupting concentrating on homework and engaging in physical activities. Social media is highly and habit-forming in nature. In between our day-to-day tasks, where we could discuss and engage in conversation, we are now engaging in social media content. Also, you can read in detail about How is social media killing Creativity on

Key Takeaway


Now that we have talked a lot about the cons of social media, it is time to turn the table and focus more on the advantages. As I said before, everything comes with both good and bad, it is our wish on which side do we want to lean on.

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