8 major obstacles on goal achievement

Achieving your goal


Do you know someone who became successful without working hard? I don’t think you know. Even the richest person in the world can’t become successful without working hard. One needs to be creative, explore new things and be smart and that’s how one becomes successful. You can’t get successful just by sitting, right? There might have been times when you have worked hard but you didn’t get success. Want to know what’s stopping you?

8 obstacles in achieving your goals

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With time, life gets challenging and becomes hard to manage, so today I have brought some common hardships that create obstacles for you to achieve your goal.

Lack of Creativity

Everyone is creative in their way but the thing is that not everyone can explore their creativeness easily. You are a creative person. You need to remind yourself so. No one can become a perfectionist in everything but one should try to enhance their analytical skill that might help them enhance creativity.  A creative person ends up generating new ideas and solutions by analyzing things. If you want to achieve your goal, be analytical and be creative.

Negative thinking

We all struggle with negative thinking. There are times when you feel low and aren’t enough. There are times when you want to give up before starting. Negative thoughts are a big blockage to your ideas. Negativity fills your mind and limits your creativity. If you’re negative about your future achievements or goals, no matter how much you try being creative, things won’t work.

Having distractions

This is the most common challenge among people. It gets hard to focus if one is surrounded by many distractions. When we get distracted by stuff, we waste our willpower and energy on it. And then you don’t have any energy to focus on your work. This is why the first thing you need to know is to avoid distractions. When you’ve decided to focus on completing your task, devote 100% to it. Zapier has a list of best applications to help you focus on achieving goal.

Not measuring your progress

You start the work, you take breaks but do you measure the track of progress? Well if you don’t start measuring your progress start doing that now. People set huge goals, work on them but mostly they forget to measure the progress. Even for the smallest goal, keeping a track of the progress will help you reach the destination.

Don’t fear starting new

This is another common mistake people make. If you don’t try to overcome the fear, you always get stuck between the same problems. If you’re focused and want to achieve the goal, make sure you think differently or get out of your comfort zone. Yes, it is really easy to stay inside your comfort zone, but it won’t get you any further.

Be patience

Success takes time, may be days, months, or even years. People mostly expect results immediately and when they have to wait, they quit because they don’t get the expected results. Behind achieving success, there is much of hard work and dedication. No matter how much hard work you do, do not expect results fast, be patient and you’ll reach your destination.


Now, this is something I have experienced. Some time ago I used to work without motivation just because I had to complete things. Motivation is something that comes and goes. You’ll have mood swings and different feelings at different times. When you’re not motivated don’t do it. For that, you should start building habits that might help you stay motivated. Here is Learn Infinity’s guide

Believe in yourself

Do you believe that you can do it? You might say yes but it might not be coming from your heart. You set goals, you work in it, but you might not actually believe in yourself, then how can you expect that you’ll reach the destination. Nothing’s impossible, we humans make things impossible. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can never give your best.

Bottom line

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Challenges will come into your life. You can’t run away from the challenges anyway. If you want to achieve goals, make sure you face them, that’s important. life will get hard, you will fail, you will make mistakes but all these will help you achieve your goal. Everyone has their struggles and there will be constant failures but you should learn from your failures and continue to learn and grow day by day.

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