Becoming happy with yourself

Becoming happy with yourself

If you aren’t happy with yourself, you can’t make others happy. Before you settle down into a happy life with others, you need to be happy first. Your unhappiness can destroy your relationship with parents, friends, or anyone. Being satisfied with yourself is such an important thing but we often take it lightly. You might be wondering why don’t you have a good bond with your friends, family, or partner, right? 

It is because you are not satisfied with that relationship; you tend to sacrifice your happiness for others. And this is going to make the relationship even worse. Becoming happy with yourself means enjoying your own company and learning to love your presence. Being happy with yourself means living with your mistakes and redeeming them instead of letting them define you.

“To be happy with yourself means you have to pick yourself up when people knock you down because you’re the only one who is going to live with the consequences”, says Rebellove.


Before you settle a good life with others, you must be happy with your own life first. When you’re not comfortable with yourself, you cannot make others comfortable. Being cheerful and positive with yourself not only helps to establish a good bond with others but is good for your life and career too.

6 ways to be happy with yourself

  • Listen to yourself

When was the last time you checked in with your thoughts? When was the last time you considered your needs? One mistake that people often do is, they don’t listen to their voices. Most people do what others tell them to do. A simple reminder, you will never be satisfied if you don’t listen to yourself. 

People may criticize you, but you keep doing things you love. When you start doing something you love, you’ll know that you’re good enough and that’s when you’ll be positive and proud of yourself. Make it a habit to listen to yourself as naturally as a habit of brushing your teeth. 

  • Accept yourself the way you are

If you love your appearance, you’re happy and you don’t need any tips. But most people are not satisfied with the way they look. People constantly compare themselves with other people. This brings demotivation and the “I am not enough” mindset in people. Love yourself the way you are. 

Don’t criticize yourself. Everyone is different and so are you. You don’t have to be like other people to look cool. You are cool just the way you are. So, when you start being okay with your appearance, then only you’ll be happy. You can watch this powerful speech by Muniba Mazari on YouTube to inspire yourself. To get inspired and accept yourself the way you are, you can also go through Uncompromised Self Love and Body Positivity

  • Do one nice thing every day

Do at least one good thing every day. No matter big or small, just do a good thing; it may be helping your mother, completing your homework, visiting an old age home. Doing nice things has real-life benefits; you will feel good, people will love you, you’ll feel proud of yourself, and all this will automatically make you joyful. Give your best in everything you do, daily. Commit to completing tasks and help people as much as possible. You’ll not only do a thing to make yourself happy but to make the world a better place too.

  • Practice gratitude

Don’t forget to be grateful for what you have, and your success. This will lead to making you happier daily. Satisfied peoples of the world are always thankful for their achievements and their life. When you practice gratitude, you experience a sense of good mood and positive vibes. It would be even better if you start writing a gratitude journal. Whenever you feel low, you can quickly take a look at the journal which will bring back your positivity. You can practice gratitude through Gratefulness.

You can also read Learn Infinity’s guide on how to start journaling.

  • Do some Exercise

Exercising helps you to become refreshed. If you’re new to exercise, start with just a few minutes a day, even morning stretches are a great way to start a day. Start slow and increase your exercise by a minute or two every day. Start exercising every day and become happy. When you’re not mentally, you’ll ended getting stressed. But with mental health, good physical health is also responsible to maintain happiness and positivity in you.

  • Surround yourself with the right people

To be happy, you also need a positive environment. You being happy is also a result of the people you spend time with. When you’re friends with a negative thinker, criticizing, and judgmental people, you start being and thinking like them. So, you need to choose the right people. Hang out with supportive and happy people.  It will help you build self-confidence and be happy.

  • Take care of yourself

Do you take care of your health, or are you always busy completing works, hanging out?  If you want to be pleased from the inside, first you need to be happy physically, mentally, and emotionally. For that, you require proper sleep, a proper diet, regular exercise, detox, and plenty of water. This is how you’ll take care of your health and you’ll be happy. Go through to Greatist know about 25 best self care tips.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Accept the fact that you’re unique. Again, it is easy to say and difficult to implement. But stop comparing your real life to other’s social media posts. You don’t need social media friends if you have real friends. Address your uniqueness and be proud of who you are.

  • Step back from Social Media

Social media isn’t bad, but if scrolling through your feeds makes you feel stressed, you should step back. That feed doesn’t tell the whole story. You have no idea if your followers are truly happy or just giving the impression that they are happy. Take a deep breath and put it in perspective.

Ban yourself from social media for some days. If that makes a difference, try giving yourself a daily limit of 10 to 15 minutes and stick to it.

Bottom line

It is normal to go through lows at some point in life. Sometimes life may challenge you or you may feel down, it’s okay. But you don’t want to be sad for your whole life, right? One day you need to move on and start being pleased with yourself again. If you’re someone who is done with all the stress and wants to make your life positive and better, you’ve taken a really good step. It is really important to find satisfaction within you first.


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