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Becoming happy

6 proper ways to be happy with yourself

becoming happy with yourself

If you aren’t happy with yourself, you can’t make others happy. Before you settle down into a happy life with others, you need to be happy first. Your unhappiness can destroy your relationship with parents, friends, or anyone. Being satisfied with yourself is such a struggle and we often take I lightly. You might be wondering why don’t you have a good bond with your friends, family, or partner, right? It is because you are not satisfied with that relationship; you tend to sacrifice your happiness for others. And this is going to make the relationship even worse.


Before you settle a good life with others, you must be happy with your own life first. When you’re not comfortable with yourself, you cannot make others comfortable. Being cheerful and positive with yourself not only helps to establish a good bond with others but is good for your life and career too.

6 proper ways to be happy with yourself


Here are 6 acts of happiness you should perform to be happy with yourself.

  • Listen to yourself

One mistake that people often do is, they don’t listen to their voices. Most people do what others tell them to do. A simple reminder, you will never be satisfied if you don’t listen to yourself. People will criticize you, but keep doing something you love. When you start doing something you love, you’ll know that you’re good enough and that’s when you’ll be positive and proud of yourself.

  • Accept yourself the way you are

If you love your appearance, you’re happy and you don’t need any tips. But most people are not satisfied with the way they look. People constantly compare themselves with other people. This brings Demotivation and the “I am not enough” mindset in people. Love yourself the way you are. 

Don’t criticize yourself, everyone is different and so you are. You don’t have to be like other people to look cool. You are cool just the way you are. So, when you start being okay with your appearance, then only you’ll be happy. You can watch this powerful speech by Muniba Mazari on YouTube to inspire yourself. To get inspired and accept yourself the way you are, one can go through Uncompromised Self Love and Body Positivity

  • Do one nice thing every day

Do at least one good thing every day. No matter big or small, just do a good thing; it may be helping your mother, completing homework, visiting an old age home. Doing nice things has real-life benefits, you will feel good, people will love, you’ll feel proud, and all this will automatically make you joyful. Do your best in everything you do daily. Commit to completing tasks and helping people as much as possible. You’ll not only do a thing to make yourself happy but to make the world a better place too.

  • Practice gratitude

Don’t forget to be grateful for what you have, and your success. This will lead to making you happier daily. Satisfied peoples of the world are always thankful for their achievements and their life. When you practice gratitude, you experience a sense of good mood and positive vibes. It would be even better if you start writing a gratitude journal. Whenever you feel low, you can quickly take a look at the journal which will bring back your positivity. You can practice gratitude through Gratefulness.

  • Do some Exercise

Exercising helps you to become refreshed. If you’re new to exercise, start with just a few minutes a day, even morning stretches are a great way to start a day. Start slow and Increase your exercise by a minute or two every day. Start exercising every day and become happy.

  • Surround yourself with the right people

To be happy, you also need a positive environment. You being happy is also a result of the people you spend time with. When you’re a friend of a negative thinker, criticizer, and judgmental people, you also start thinking that way only. So, you need to choose the right people. Hang out with supportive and happy people, it will help you build self-confidence and be happy.

  • Take care of yourself

Do you take care of your health, or are you always busy completing works, hanging out?  If you want to be pleased from the inside, first you need to happy physically, mentally, and emotionally. For that, you require proper sleep, a proper diet, regular exercise, detox, and plenty of water. This is how you’ll take care of your health and you’ll be happy. Go through to Greatist know about 25 best self care tips.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Accept the fact that you’re unique. Again, it is easy to say and difficult to implement. But stop comparing your real life to other’s social media posts. You don’t need social media friends if you have real friends. Address your uniqueness and be proud of who you are.

  • Step back from Social Media

Social media isn’t bad, but if scrolling through your feeds makes you feel stressed, you should step back. That feed doesn’t tell the whole story. You have no idea if your followers are truly happy or just giving the impression that they are happy. Take a deep breath and put it in perspective.

Ban yourself from social media for some days. If that makes a difference, try giving yourself a daily limit of 10 to 15 minutes and stick to it.

bottom line

It is normal to go through lows at some point in life. Sometimes life may challenge you or you may feel down, it’s okay. But you don’t want to be sad for your whole life, right? One day you need to move on and start being pleased with yourself again. If you’re someone who is done with all the tensions and wants to make your life positive and better, you’ve taken a really good step. It is really important to find satisfaction within you first, to make other people satisfied.


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dealing with stress?

here are 8 amazing ways to relive it

overcoming stress

From minor tension to hard challenges, stress has been a part of life. Also, we tend to get strained over things we don’t have control over. At times, tensions become uncontrollable and overwhelming.  But, do you know what? There are effective ways to relieve stress. It is important to relieve tension and calm your body and mind.


Take it day by day, and don’t stress too much about tomorrow.

8 ways to overcome stress

Here’s presenting you with 8 effective ways one can relieve stress.

  • Meditation

According to, “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” Meditation has proven to have long-lasting stress relief benefits. You can develop a habit of meditating for at least 3-5 minutes every day. A few minutes of meditating will help you calm down and practice mindfulness. Meditation can help you to relieve. It has mental benefits too with physical benefits.

  • Music relaxation

Music makes you alert and concentrates better. Good music will make you positive about life. Good music can calm your mind, relax the muscles and relieve the tension in you. You can listen to your favorite playlist or relax slow kinds of music has also proven effective to relieve strain. Music is a tension relief tool that is effective in relieving every person’s stress.  According to Researchers at Stanford University “listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.”

  • Take time out to exercise

Exercising seems hard; but once you start, it becomes an addiction. Do the form of exercise that you love. Exercise or movement helps to reduce your anxiety and increase fitness levels.  Regular exercise can help you build a positive effect on your mood and relieve tension. Exercising has both physical and mental benefits to you. According to “If you’re physically active, your heart gets trained to beat slower and stronger, so it needs less oxygen to function well; your arteries get springier, so they push your blood along better; and your levels of “good” HDL cholesterol go up.”

  • Talk to your friends and family

Social support is also a great way to relieve tension.  If you want to, you can share your problems with your close ones, it will not only relieve you but can also help to generate a solution to the problem. Now, if you don’t want to talk about your problems, no worries; just talk to your close ones about anything. Spending time with friends and family are proved to be a natural anxiety reliever.

  • Learn to say no

Some of your problems are in your control. You are responsible for your tension, you can say so if you can’t handle things. One of the strain relievers could be learning to say no. when you juggle between many responsibilities that might also because you get tensed. Select your responsibilities and learn to say no to things that bring the unnecessary load to you.

  • Eat well and get a proper sleep

Negative health can impact you and make your stress even worse. A well-nourished body can cope with tension better, eat healthy diets and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also, make sure you get a proper 7-8 hours of sleep. When you don’t get proper sleep, the next day gets worse. And when you’re already stressed, you don’t want to add up tension due to improper sleep right?

  • Slow down

You often get stressed because you’re trying to complete a list of tasks if you are not motivated. Take a break when you’re not interested. Take little breaks, listen to music, meditate for a while and then you can finish the task. When you’re not interested, you cannot finish the task no matter how much you try to complete it.

bottom line

Strain and anxiety may arise at any time or any age. People of every age can get stressed; there is no specific age for getting stressed. There are solutions to stress. Try the above-mentioned tension relief methods and you will feel better. All the above-stated tips will relieve your stress, but also improve your overall aspect of life.


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motivate yourself

8 top ways to be motivated

how to motivate yourself

Motivating yourself isn’t that easy as we think it to be. There are times when you don’t want to get off the bed or you just want to Netflix and chill. This cycle seems to never end. You get frustrated with pending works and no motivation. Then you may feel that you’re not enough or you’re a loser. But you think it wrong. Demotivation happens to everyone. But thankfully, there are ways you can inspire yourself.

8 top ways to become motivated


  • Just start it

Even if you’re not inspired to finish it, no worries, just start it. When you’re not motivated but, you start a task, that is a great thing itself. Before starting any task, make sure you don’t let negative thoughts inside you. Set aside all the emotions, and just start. Writer Mark Twain says, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

  • Make a to-do list

To-Do lists are helpful to keep you motivated and focus on important tasks. When you have pending tasks with no motivation, make a to-do list and include only those tasks that are urgent or important. For a day, set more than 3 tasks. When you’re done completing it, then you make a new to-do list. to make an effective to-do list, you can get help from 10 ways to make better to-do lists

  • Imagine your future

When I’m not inspired, I imagine my future goals, and trust me this gets me back to work.  There are times when you don’t want to focus at all. At that time, instead of trying to focus, just imagine that you have got the destination or your future goals, this will make you motivated automatically. Try asking yourself, “What will my life look like after 5 years?” Make sure to check out this outstanding speech by Ms. Patti Dobrowolski on Ted talks.

  • Eliminate distractions

Now, this might be hard. Distractions are such an enemy of focus. If you want to be motivated, first you need to eliminate distractions. Different people have different ways to eliminate distractions; some may switch off their phones, while some may install productivity apps. Use your way to avoid distractions and see how you progress. check out these 7 amazing anti-distraction app on Zapier to be focused.

  • Commit 100%

When you’ve decided you’ll complete a task, commit 100%. Commit to give the whole time, effort, and hard work to the task and complete it. You want to achieve the goal, right? Then, you’ll have to give some time to your work. Nothing will work unless you do it.

  • Play energetic music

Now, this is my personal favorite. Energetic music gives you that energy to work and inspire you. Take a break when you don’t want to work. Give 15-20 minutes to listen to your personal favorite or energetic music. The music tip works for many people and it’s effective.

  • Be kind to yourself

People mostly tend to be harsh to them working extra hours or just working to complete the task. Unless you don’t have motivation, you cannot give a great output. It is okay to take a break when you’re demotivated. Try this with yourself, take breaks and complete the tasks.

  • Reward yourself

Last but not the least, reward yourself. Celebrate your success, even a small one. Take a look at how far you’ve come. Remember the times when you had completed tasks and celebrate those. This will too bring motivation in you to start doing new tasks. When you remember your past achievements, the motivation to start another work tends to go up.

bottom line

With all the tips I shared, I think now you know what to do when you’re feeling demotivated.  For those who get distracted, you’re not a failure. Everybody goes through the time when they’re not motivated at all. It’s okay, but what winners do is, boost themselves to get out of that time and get going. You may feel unmotivated, maybe while starting a business, losing weight,  or studying. But now with all the above tips, I hope you’ll know how to motivate yourself.


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Life skills

5 vital life skills you should have

What are life skills?

bulletin board, stickies, post-it-2771786.jpg

Life skills are the essential skills that you require to manage activities of everyday life. Mastering life skills enable you to improve in every aspect of your life. Life skills allow you to perform better and more effectively. From communication to technical skills, life skills are vital for everyone. Life skills may vary from people’s different cultures or ages. But, today I will be sharing some of the most essential life skills that are important for every people.

5 vital life skills every person should possess.

  • Punctuality

Being exactly on time might be difficult for people. You see in the office or school, there are always people who are late, but this shouldn’t happen every time.  If you are some who is never on time at any place, then you’re annoying people and destroying your reputation. Punctuality is a great life skill because it allows us to deal with work in a short period. 

One who is always late will never understand the value of time but, one who is always on time knows the essence of time. Punctuality is very essential in one’s life because it teaches people discipline. You can check out a blog on How to be more punctual from artofmanliness

  • Self-awareness

Self-awareness is one of the greatest life skills. It makes you learn about yourself and it teaches you. Self-awareness is the ability to notice the sensations and emotions within you. Self-awareness is being aware of different aspects of yourself. Self-awareness means focusing on developing different aspects of you in the reality.

Self-awareness is really important in everybody’s life because it enables you to understand yourself better and explore inside you. Self-awareness is n important life skill because it helps you to make changes and improvements within yourself. Self-awareness enables you to discover the new and identify new talents within you.

  • Respect

Respect is, understanding that someone should be treated appropriately. Respect is essential in both personal and professional life.  We should be aware to respect people and in return, you’ll get respect and relationships would be beautiful.

Respect is an important life skill that should be taught from a very small age. Respect is also a key aspect to building success. As people start respecting others, in return they’ll also get respect and it positively changes the interaction between people. Respect is a life lesson that one should take with them wherever they go.

  • Communication

This is another important part of life skills. People who are good communicators or have strong interpersonal skills are good peoples. Everyone can communicate but not everyone can communicate effectively.  If communication is ineffective, it leads to misunderstandings.  Communication skills play a vital role from professional life to social gatherings.

It is not late and you still have time to improve on your communication skills. Communication skills consist of eye contact, body language, vocabulary, listening, and many more. One should notice all these communication aspects to improve their communication skills. According to, “Having strong communication skills helps in all aspects of life, from people’s professional lives to the transition to their personal lives, and everything that falls in between. All life transactions result from communication.

  • Creative thinking

Creative thinking is simply thinking out of the box.  Creative thinking enables one to generate ideas and pick different ideas. Creative thinking is the ability to look at the scenario and find alternatives. Every problem has a solution but you won’t get that solution until you think creatively. That is how important is, Creative thinking.

Creative thinking helps you to develop solutions depending upon the situation. Creativity is such an important life skill that should be taught from an early age. Creative thinking allows you to tackle problems and contemporary challenges.

key takeaway

Just knowing about life skills won’t do, you should implement them in your everyday life. You should find ways to implement them and make your life easy. When you start working on developing your life skills, only then you can discover your true potential. After you learn and implement life skills, you’ll get more opportunities and you’ll finally pursue the best of you.

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ways to overcome communication problems

what is communication?

Ineffective communication is a barrier to effective working. Communication struggles can lead to misunderstandings and negative images. You want to avoid misunderstandings, right? After reading this blog, you will be able to understand communication basics and that might help you communicate well.

To simply put, communication is a process of sending or receiving messages that might be verbal, non-verbal. Verbal communication includes speech, feedback, and advice. And, Non-verbal communication includes facial expression, eye contact, or gestures. Humans can use words and languages to convey a message.


According to Alberto Martinez, “Communication can be defined as a process by means of which a person is in contact with another through a message, and expects the latter of a response, be an opinion, activity or behavior”.

8 effective ways to overcome communication problems


Listen first

Listening is a crucial tool of conversation; understand what the next person is trying to say. You shouldn’t miss any key information said by the next person. If you’re just pretending to listen, that might lead to misunderstanding. And, after the person has finished sharing information, you go ahead. If you didn’t get what the other person said, ask immediately or it will too lead to misunderstanding.

Make communication a two-way process

Don’t make conversation awkward. The one shouldn’t be talking and you remain silent the whole time. This might lead to a poor relationship between two people. Try engaging in active conversation and make it a nice dialogue. It is important to build and flourish the relationship between people, and two-way message transmission can help with it.

Speak clear

To avoid confusion situation and ensure that the next person understands you, speak clearly.  When you speak, be sure that you are conveying important information. Don’t miss to convey important matters. Also, make sure that the next person is actively listening to you.

Be positive

Be sure that your message brings a positive environment. Many people speak negatively most of the time and that might hamper the next person. By speaking positively, you can also help the next person lower stress levels. When you become a positive speaker, people are more likely to listen to you and the conversation goes better.

Be respectful

Respectful conversation is when you listen carefully and respond gently to others. Even if you don’t agree with the next person show respect towards their opinion. This can help you build strong relationships and understand other’s perspectives. Listen graciously and talk politely to the other person.


To build up trust in a conversation, you should have a conversation consistently. Also, have a meaningful conversation and make the next person comfortable while talking. While talking, be open and honest. Share the information from your side quickly and freely. Speak what is truth and that way you can build trust in conveying message.

Don’t mix up information

For example, if it’s business message, don’t mix up personal matters. People mostly tend to mix up professional and personal lives while talking. This might lead to decreased morale or even accusations. Try to talk more about the conversation matter rather than bringing personal lives during the talk.

Be transparent

Embrace transparency while communicating. This helps to build trust and effective conversation. Don’t hide any information while communicating. Be honest and reveal every important information.

Key takeaway

An ineffective conversation might lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in both personal and professional lives. We all get stuck while communicating at one or another time in our lives. Above mentioned are the 8 most important pieces of advice that might help you communicate better. All these tips won’t work instantly; it will take time, so be patient and work more on your communication skills. All the above-mentioned hacks will help your communication build back on track.

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self confidence

become self confident from today!

what is self-confidence?

Who doesn’t want to be confident? There are times when everyone seems confident except you. But they are just doubts. Confidence doesn’t come itself; you have to make yourself confident. To become confident, you need to believe in yourself.  Being self-confident is all about trusting yourself in any situation.

Self-confidence is simply being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and committing to turn weakness into strength. Self-confidence is having the courage, to tell the truth, and do what you like. Self-confidence is a positive feeling about courageous actions born from a sense of self-respect. 

But, self-confidence does not believe that you’re perfect and holding unrealistic expectations and standards. Self-confidence is an idea that makes people think of how to overcome challenges and uncertainties.


9 ways to become self-confident

Here are 9 different ways one can become self-confident.



Where your focus is, that’s where your energy goes. Some people have negative thoughts every time; they cannot become confident. replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Think about how you’re going to give the best presentation rather than thinking about whether you will be nervous or fearful.

“The most helpful definition of being positive is having hope and confidence in one’s ability to handle what’s tough, along with remembering that nothing is all negative all the time”, says

Do what matters to you

Self-Confident people achieve success because they do what they want to. Doing things that are your interest will itself bring confidence in you. If you do something forcefully or something you’re not interested in, will never bring confidence in you.

Improve your self-talk

Our words create emotions; our words can make a huge impact. Do you talk to yourself in your mind? Also known as inner monologue is really important to become self-confident.  There are times when we think negatively, catch ourselves when we’re thinking negatively, and replace the thought with something we like about ourselves.


Gratitude means simply being thankful. Being grateful is the key to a happy life. Stop focusing on something you don’t have and be thankful for everything you have. Time when you start appreciating things, you will feel more like a gift of God. This will help you become confident. To get more tips to practice gratitude, visit Gratefulness.

Remember your past successes

Take time out to remember your success even the small one. When you remember your past achievement, this will help you become self-confident. Most people are self-confident, why? Because they remember their past success stories and take credit for them in the present.

Making eye contact

Now, this is a really important point of building self-confidence. To connect with people first you should make eye contact. This seems hard but as you make eye contact, you’ll notice self-confidence in yourself. Eye contact has proven as the quickest way to become self-confident when you meet people and make relationships strong.

Be prepared

To be self-confident while presenting yourself, first, you need to be prepared. Beat the fearful feeling by being prepared. If you’re prepared then, you’ll become confident. for example, if you are already prepared for the exam then you’ll get good results but if you aren’t prepared, then you’ll lose your confidence.

Start small

What mistake we often do is shoot for the moon. This makes a person discouraged and they fail. Success doesn’t come overnight, it takes time. Set small goals and day by day you’ll do better. Set a small goal and achieve it. The more you achieve small goals, the more confident you’ll become and you’ll feel better too. Check out Why should you start small? by  Buffer.

Knowledge powerhouse

Empower yourself with knowledge as much as you can. You can do it in many ways, but be sure you’re getting knowledge. Becoming more knowledgeable makes you more self-confident. in today’s world we are gifted by the internet, so make wise use of it rather than wasting time playing games and watching series. Fill your mind with knowledge through the internet, books, and magazines. 


key takeaway

Lastly, becoming confident is not an overnight process; it takes time. But by following the above tips every day, you can build up confidence that will propel you towards your goals. Everyone has their confidence struggles at certain times of their life, that’s normal. but not everyone can work on their confidence issues and become the best out of them.

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8 quick ways to achieve mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

There are times when multiple thoughts inside us are going on. And there are times with we try to control them, but it gets worsened. We all want peace within us, right? Simply talking, mindfulness is an ability to reduce stress and create more space.

Mindfulness is relaxing in the present moment. Mindfulness is being aware of every moment you’re engaged in, in the present. It is a practice of being aware and conscious in the present time.


According to the University of MinnesotaMindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.

Many of us live in a different moment that is not related to the present. When we get lost in our thoughts, we miss the experiences, emotions, and connections of the present. Being mindful helps one to live in the present and have a clear picture of the current situation.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

8 ways to practice mindfulness


Presenting you the ways you can become mindful and live in the present.

  • Just breathe

Practice deep long breathes. Concentrate on your breathing and be aware of what’s happening to your body. Are you relaxed or uncomfortable? Try your best to avoid thoughts but acknowledge them if they enter into your mind. The first day might be difficult; by day after day, you’ll notice positive changes in yourself.

  • Handle emotions

Be careful with the emotions that come to you. Let your emotions in and try to understand them. Try to understand what is bothering you. Emotions will always be there, but be aware of what emotions you should let in and emotions should be let away. Studies from 2010 suggest that having good emotional regulation skills is linked with well-being. 

  • Surf your cravings

Be aware of what cravings or needs are bothering you. Cravings or addictions are something that’ll damage you. Try satisfying your needs and wants. When your needs and wants don’t get satisfied, then too you not be able to achieve mindfulness.

  • Spend time with nature

A lot of research has said that spending time with nature increases the feelings of wonder and relaxes the body and mind. Spending time with nature is good for physical health but it is more beneficial for mental health.

  • Set boundaries for screen time

To achieve mindfulness, analyze the screen time on the phone and social media. Setting limits for social media can become a great aid to become mindful. When you stop using social media for a long time can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Take a walk

Try walking around nature. Walking can help in good thinking and brings thoughtfulness to a person. Give your full attention while walking and experience the wellness of walking. Notice your senses and feel the world while you walk. This can become a great help in reducing anxiety and stress.  

  • Eat well

We mostly tend to eat while watching TV, reading scrolling. To become mindful, eat well, and engage yourself fully while eating. Don’t distract yourself with other stuff while eating. Be fully in the present while eating. When you start eating comfortably, you get aware of the present.

  • Journaling

Studies Have shown that journaling helps in boosting memory. Commit yourself to take notes on tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Take 10 mins a day to write a journal about how you’re going to spend the day. This helps you build productivity and catalog your days. Writing a journal motivates you to complete the tasks which lead to reducing stress. That ultimately leads to mindfulness. Also, do check out Learn Infinity’s blog on Journaling.

Key takeaway

It seems easy to think and feel. But we tend to think more about different matters; this needs to stop. By achieving mindfulness, you will be able to slow down and meaningfully perform your everyday tasks. Mindfulness allows one to engage in the present senses and experience everyday moments of life. Experiencing mindfulness might also include washing clothes, quality sleep, and a mindful shower.

If you’re new to mindfulness, first you need to be kind and patient. You should understand that everything takes time. Your mind may be full and it may be hard at the first attempt to slow down your thoughts. Start from where you are and practice mindfulness regularly and then one day you’ll achieve mindfulness.

You are not alone struggling to become mindful. Just work on it and one day you’ll reach your destination.

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Achieve your goal

8 major obstacles on goal achievement



Do you know someone who became successful without working hard? I don’t think you know. Even the richest person in the world can’t become successful without working hard. One needs to be creative and explore new things and that’s how one becomes successful. You can’t get successful just by sitting, right? There are times when you work hard but you get unsuccessful to reach the goal. Want to know why are you becoming unsuccessful?


With time, life gets challenging and becomes hard to manage, so today I have brought some common hardships that create obstacles for you to achieve your goal.

Lack of Creativity

Everyone is creative in their way but the thing is that not everyone can explore their creativeness. You are a creative person. We need to remind ourselves that we are creative. Yes, we cannot become a perfectionist in everything but one should have a deep analysis that might help you enhance your creativity in that area.  A creative person ends up generating new ideas and solutions. If you want to achieve your goal, be creative.

Negative thinking

We all struggle with negative thinking. There are times when you feel low and aren’t enough. There are times when you want to give up before starting. Negative thoughts are a big blockage to your ideas. Negativity fills your mind and limits your creativity. If you’re negative about your future achievements or goals, no matter how much you try being creative, things won’t work.

Having distractions

This is the most common challenge among people. It gets hard to focus if one is surrounded by many distractions.  The time we get distracted by stuff, we waste our willpower and energy on it. And then you don’t have any energy to focus on your work. This is why the first thing you need to know is to avoid distractions. When you’ve decided to focus on completing your task, devote 100% to it. Zapier has a list of best applications to help you focus on achieving goal.

Not measuring your progress

You start the work, you take breaks but do you measure the track of progress? Well if you don’t start measuring your progress starting now. People set huge goals, work on them but mostly they forget to measure the progress. Even for the smallest goal, keeping a track of the progress will help you reach the destination.

Don’t fear starting new

This is another common mistake people make. If you always to or think the same way, you always get stuck between the same problems. If you’re focused and want to achieve the goal, make sure you think differently or get out of your comfort zone. Yes, it is really easy to stay inside your comfort zone, but it won’t get you any further.

Be patience

Success takes time may be days, months, or even years. People mostly expect results immediately and when they wait for hours and they quit because they didn’t get the expected results. Behind achieving success, there is much hard work and dedication. No matter how much hard work you do, do expect results fast, be patient and you’ll reach your destination.


Now, this is something I have experienced. Some time ago I used to work without motivation just because I had to complete it. Motivation is something that comes and goes. You’ll have mood swings and different feelings at different times. When you’re not motivated don’t do it. For that, you should start building habits that might help you stay motivated.

Believe in yourself

Do you believe that you can do it? You might say yes but it doesn’t come from your heart. You set goals, you work in it, but you don’t believe in yourself, then how can you expect that you’ll reach the destination. Nothing’s impossible, we humans make things impossible. If you won’t believe in yourself, you can never give your best.

Bottom line

Challenges will come into your life. You can’t run away from the challenges anyway. If you want to achieve goals, make sure you face them, that’s important. life will get hard, you will fail, you will make mistakes but all these will help you achieve your goal. Everyone has their struggles and there will be constant failures but you should learn from your failures and continue to learn and grow day by day.

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8 best advice for young people

today's youth

Youth is a magical moment of imagination and mystery. We watch today’s young people play, fail, dream and also move on in life. From college homework to murder, suicide, young people’s lives are surprising. Each generation has its battles, but young souls face a different battle and one that can affect sanity more than any other generation’s war.

At the same time, our generation is lucky in the field of technology. Our lives include YouTube, TV, music, and Instagram. Our generation is not as tough as the previous generation.


But, it’s really always a challenge. We young people are stuck between getting good grades and scrolling through Instagram. Social media has let us know everything that is going on in the world in a millisecond. Youth tend to watch more. People are sharing videos exposing bullies, corpses; we see it all so clearly. The internet world shows everything, positive or negative. In addition, parents nowadays have high expectations of their children. This leads to fear of failure, of not being admitted, of having a bleak future among young people.

So, youth, if you read it, I’m here to remind you that you’ll get there.

“Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we’ve ever known.”

– Ronald Reagan

8 tips for young people



Step out of your comfort zone

At this age youths will experience the real world. Life gets more difficult as you get older. This is when you step into your fears and get them under control. You shouldn’t be working to improve yourself with your fear and experience everything that comes your way without fear.

It’s okay to fail

It’s a world where you can be rejected, you can fail, you make mistakes, but all you have to do is move on. Only failures make you the best version of yourself. You can go through a lot in your youth, but all these failures are what will make you successful.

Forgive yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are what make you stronger. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and learn from them. Get sober when you feel like you’re criticizing yourself.

The right people to stay

When you’re a youth, a lot of people come and go. As we grow up we meet new people and start to explore the world. If people want to go, if old friends want to go, let them go. You can let people go when they are no longer interested in your friendship.

Learn to say no

This is the right age to start saying no if you aren’t interested. Saying no helps set boundaries and provides clarity between you and the other person. Plus, saying no means you’re showing respect and honesty. You can check out this  guide to saying no on

It’s your life

It matters now, it’s your life and you will live it the way you want. People can criticize you, people can judge you, but keep doing it for you. You should do whatever you want is your life. Whether it’s career, love, dream; Do what you want, do what you care about and you will succeed.

Facing Challenges

Life is too boring without accepting challenges, isn’t it? The challenges are really fun. So don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow or after a year. Stop worrying about your life and work hard in the present. Focus on living the present fully.

Never stop learning

When people are young people haven’t achieved a lot yet, it’s a good age to learn. This is the age when you can make a lot of mistakes, constantly learn from your mistakes, and constantly grow taller every day. Youth is when you have opportunities and learn from them, and your path to success will be magnificent.

bottom line

 There will always be people who will criticize you and say this and that is impossible, but you can do it.  One piece of advice I would give to youth is to use technology wisely. This generation is fortunate to have so many advantages. At the same time, using technology a lot makes you boring. So only use the technology when necessary. Youth is the golden time of life when you gain opportunities, lose friends, make new friends, and so much is happening. Use this time wisely and you won’t regret it.

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Do social media kill creativity?



Social media is an addiction in today’s world. Out of 7 billion people, 50% of the people use social media. Social media, no doubt has created a lot of opportunities and tons of benefits in people’s lives. Social media is just one reason we’re being dull, it is killing our creativity. Social media is a channel of communication. Despite this advantage, social media has many downsides. We start scrolling Instagram and 5 hours are gone, we start using TikTok and a whole day is gone. Social media has made us dull and we cannot think of anything outside the box. TO everyone who finds happiness in social media, this is not your real world. 

Here’s how social media ruins your creativity

Social media’s like Pinterest and Instagram is used as a source of inspiration where people upload and search their thing of interest. Designers and marketers all around the world posts design that inspire people, the world is getting inspired with these peoples.

Creativity is about generating ideas, being innovative and most importantly being original. Creativity doesn’t come when you scroll Instagram for ideas. We are simply copying other’s ideas and transforming them into our product and that is not what creativity looks like. This is a dangerous society full of duplicates. From restaurants to offices, we see people hanging on their phones. To stare at the screen, scrolling endlessly to smiling constantly, social media addiction has reached its peak. With creativity, productivity has also decreased vastly due to the overuse of social media.

The art of communication has died due to social media. Do you realize that we are getting awkward in face-to-face conversations more than ever? In this world, the youth and adult population using social media is rare.

Even though social media has made a good source of communication and the world has been digitalized. But do we realize that we are losing the sense of real life? Face-to-face meets, live discussions were a way people used to develop new ideas and this has reduced. Even in a physical group meet, people are busy on their phones scrolling and doing nothing. The more hours you spend time on social media, the more you lose a chunk of your creative time. creative people block social media websites and apps to focus on their daily tasks and you should do it for yourself.

Social media has its advantages but one should use social media wisely by keeping certain limits. Your life is stressful and the reason is social media. You aren’t able to complete the tasks because you are hanged up all day on social media. Your pending tasks are what is making your life stressful.

Have you ever spent a whole day without your phone or even without social media? I guess no.

Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages, there’s nothing in the world that has only advantages. But one should focus on advantages. Social media is a great source to communicate with people and connect with the world. But excessive use of anything is a great disadvantage.

Now let’s come to kids. Tiktok is now a great platform where everyone especially teens. Kids nowadays can showcase their talent on the TikTok platform but are we doing good? A girl who can’t hold a pencil well is getting famous on TikTok. This is normal or only I am not getting it?

Now for teens, how many people liked their posts and getting enough followers is more important. This addiction to social media is disrupting concentrating on homework and engaging in physical activities. Social media is highly and habit-forming in nature. In between our day-to-day tasks, where we could discuss and engage in conversation, we are now engaging in social media content. Also, you can read in detail about How is social media killing Creativity on

key takeaway


Now that we have talked a lot about the cons of social media, it is time to turn the table and focus more on the advantages. As I said before, everything comes with both good and bad, it is our wish on which side do we want to lean on.

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