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Be Remarkable Mentorship

NPR 4,000.00

“Be Remarkable- Mentorship Program for Teens” – A Life-Changing Program to support you and your family.

If you have got teenagers at home or you’re in your teens yourself, do join this extraordinary program to unlock your potential and be remarkable every day.
This program is for children aged 10-18.  Mentorship course helps children to  reach goals and build a foundation of their career.

In this mentorship program, you are going to learn,

– How to set the right goals
– Minimizing the use of the Internet and putting time for productive use
– How to develop habits which will support you lifetime
– How to love yourself a lot more
– Developing a productive and impactful routine to excel in all areas.
– How to cultivate harmonious relationships at home, school or friends.
– How to form healthy lifestyle habits
– How to overcome overthinking and procrastination.
– How to stay productive and deliver better performance.
– How to form daily rituals to enhance your life.
– How to become 1% better every day.
– How to master your everyday
– How to practice empathy, gratitude and forgiveness

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