Personal growth

personal growth

‘Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will also improve the lives of all those around you.” –  Robin

You might have heard this term a lot but are not sure what it means and why it is important. Personal growth is a self-investment to improve ourselves in different areas of our life whether it be intellectual, professional, or social. We must imply what we learned for growth to happen.

Personal growth is important for our well-being. Once we start focusing on personal growth, our life will change for the better.

Maslow's hierarchy of need

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs corporate e-learning

According to Maslow, one of the pioneers of psychology, “To have a meaningful life, self-actualization is important”. He puts self-actualization as, “Living according to one’s full potential and becoming who we really are.” Personal development is built around the same idea.

How to start your personal growth journey?

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Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistent effort and time. However, few achievements can be felt soon. Be patient with yourself and learn to cherish yourself that is the very first step towards personal growth.

Here are a few practical steps where you can start from:

  •  Self-reflection for personal growth:

With an open and unbiased perspective, look at your life. Analyze your daily actions and habits. Once you know where you want to better yourself, it will be easier and meaningful to start.

  •  Growth mindset:

Without having a mindset and value set change, behavioral change is not possible. You need to prioritize and find your values. And be ready to see from different perspectives. Learn more about what Growth Mindset actually means on hbr.org.

  • Write down your plan:

Make your own personal growth plan which will work as a sort of guide in your journey. List the areas where you want to improve and a few ideas that you have on how. 

Also, write why are you starting this journey and get back to it over and over as you go, it will keep you motivated.

  • Learn and take action:

Start with one particular area. Research on how you can improve yourself. Maybe it can be reading books related to your improvement area or going to seminars. One thing you have to keep in mind is just learning is not enough you need to take action in order for change to happen.

  • Find yourself a mentor:

Having a mentor/s is important for personal growth. At first, you might think it is hard to find mentors but trust me it isn’t. You can find mentors at your own personal circle. Maybe you want to improve your skill in photography then there might be one of your friend or a cousin who is really good at it. That particular person can be your mentor for photography. 
Another good way to find a really good mentor is to take part in mentorship programs. You can find life long mentors to guide you.


Why is personal growth important?

Personal growth helps us to be a better version of ourselves and reach our fullest potential. When that happens magic begins. 

  • We get to know ourselves better.
  • We start feeling an abundance of happiness.
  • We find meaning in our life.
  • We start to do better at work.
  • We have more healthy and meaningful relationships.
  • We find satisfaction and a sense of achievement.
  • Our life becomes more balanced.
  • It becomes easier to achieve our goals.
  • We become more productive.
  • We will become a profound human being.

Bottom line

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Personal growth is necessary to live our life to the fullest. It is an ongoing process and everyone’s journey is different. All that matters is we are improving ourselves. Even 1% better every day is growing and you should be proud of yourself. Start researching, learning, re-learning, and implying it onto your life.

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