We build tailored courses that engage, entertain, and educate, and design customized LMS solutions that provide all the learning and social benefits you would expect – all in one user-friendly, flexible, and secure package. Our eLearning solutions help clients all over the globe and boost their employee performance.

10,000+ Professionals across 7 Countries have Levelled Up with Learn Infinity

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We make a deliberate attempt to take up the role of learning consultants, working with your team to address various aspects and considerations of learning design and deployment.

Access Meaningful Content Anytime, Anywhere
Modify Your Appraisal Strategy
Reduce cost and hassle of routine trainings
Improve Employee Well-Being and Satisfaction
Continuous and Real-Time Learning and Development

E-Learning Solutions We Offer

Micro Learning

Dividing the material into multiple Micro Courses is a Great solution for Short learner Concentration which involves providing information in a Concise, Attractive and Comprehensive format.

Blended Learning

We, as a team of Instructional Designers create a Blended Approach to Learning including best practices of both Online and Offline Learning environments.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short Online Videos, most effective way to Transfer Ideas to the audience with the help of styles ranging from 3D Animation to Motion Graphics.

Mobile Learning

We develop solutions in a Mobile-friendly format so you can continue Learning in Any Place. E-leaning is the perfect solution to increase Course Adoption and improve Learning Outcomes.


LMS is a platform hosting all your E-learning courses that provides a variety of elements like Chat rooms, Leadership Boards and Quizzes assisting in Tracking of Learners Behavior.

Learning Need Assessment Analysis

Need assessment is a tool to determine the gaps between the Current and Desired Performance of the learners, based on which Learning Solution can be decided.




We identify your employee needs, management needs and ideal needs as per industry through various assessment methods.



Craft the learning journey keeping in mind the overarching performance goal



Define the learning goals, content, and media treatment for each topic nugget. 



Develop all the content requirements in form of videos, multimedia, animations, text, practical tasks, quizzes etc.



Deploy all the nuggets after multiple pilot testings and translations in company’s learning management system with learning analytics.



Deliver the full power-packed course for company employees testing their overall experience and performance growth.


Using Real-Life scenarios in a safe practice environment, we allow learners to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes

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Scenario Based Learning

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Story Based Learning

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Video-Based Learning

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Personalised Learning

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Learning Analytics


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Employees Trained

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Projects Done

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Course Completion Rates

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Our Expertise

We are committed to bringing the end-to-end, innovative, web-based, and device-friendly Learning Technologies and Learning Solutions tied with your Business Goals to unleash your employees’ true potential.

Custom eLearning

We provide custom eLearning content development services and courses that strengthen the organization’s workforce efficiency with the right knowledge transfer process.

Translation and Localization

With extensive translation and localization, we offer eLearning content for the needs of a diverse set of corporate learners.

eLearning Content and Design Lab

We create eLearning content with the right e-learning methods such as gamified learning, microlearning, scenario-based learning, video based learning (animated and real life shot videos) blended learning, and much more encompassing all facets of corporate learning needs.



We approached Learn Infinity for the Customer Experience Training and the experience was excellent. From training need analysis to customizing the training as per our requirement, all the processes were precisely taken care of. The training was equally engaging and post-training evaluation and assessment were also done. Aditi's approach to providing training is very passionate and holistic approach is adopted.
L&D Manager-Leader-Employee
Shreya Murarka, L&D Manager, Khalti
Working with Learn Infinity team for our E-learning Courses has been an absolute pleasure. The Personalized approach and attention to detail they provided ensured that our Global team received Top-Notch training that was tailored to our specific needs. Moreover, Aditi's Coaching is exemplary, she worked with our Top Management Leaders and helped us enhance Employee Experience better.
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Joseph Matthew, Cheif Human Resource Officer
Working experience with Learn Infinity has been commendable as the entire team is professional .Moreover what I loved about the team is their keenness to accept and incorporate feedbacks. We have learned more about the e-learning content development process and some new training techniques during working with Learn Infinity team and its Founder Aditi Goyal, which will definitely be valuable for my profession.
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Krishna Murari Paudel, Training Manager, Worldlink Communications
We had a great experience working with Aditi Goyal and Learn Infinity. We found that she is very professional with her work matters. She helped us in handling the learning design and branding of our product 'Mero School'. We realized that we have so many areas we needed to improve after we started working with her. She has the ability to understand what we need and bring it in reality effortlessly.
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Jolly Amatya, CEO, Aestrisk Technology

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of experts who are passionate and highly dedicated to serve our clients with the highest quality of work and timely delivery. 

We believe that the best content can be designed only and only by thoroughly identifying and analyzing the key areas of training and the method of content delivery. 

We can work both independently or collaborate with your internal team for need assessment and content delivery, however it brings out the best outcome for your company. 

Yes, all the e-learning solutions are custom designed as per company’s requirements. We customize it after the extensive need assessment.

E-learning is mostly a one-time investment unlike trainings. We can discuss in detail about the cost during consultations.

We design e-learning to be performance oriented. We also make sure that the analytics from e-learning can be used for performance appraisal.

Our team provides a annual maintenance support package which you can opt for to update the content easily.

Firstly, since all the trainings are self-paced and can access anytime anywhere, your employees can’t come up with excuses in their performance. They will have a lifetime-access to the trainings which will allow them to grow as per their need. Company can monitor their learning attitude through analytics and see the growth in performance. It brings direct ROI in terms of performance and growth which ultimately impacts various department like Sales, Customer Service etc.


Mostly all the trainings can be developed under e-learning experience. It’s upto the company to decide which training areas to start with. Usually routine trainings like Customer Service training, technical training, sales training, distribution agent trainings and product training are adopted in e-learning by the companies globally.


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