Are you passionate about training and eager to make a real difference in people’s lives? 


Do you dream of becoming a corporate training rockstar, empowering individuals and organizations and earn 6 figure income to achieve highest potential? 


Look no further – our “Training for Trainers” program is here to help you unleash your training superpowers and excel in the dynamic field of corporate training!





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Aditi has trained thousands of professionals and designed trainings for companies worldwide. 

In this course, you are guided through every step of how she does it. 

First, you’re uplifted with the confidence and mindset you need to unleash your uniqueness and put yourself out there - even if your only experience of being in front of mass is your weekly presentation.

Second, you go deep into the architecture of a transformational and unputdownable training that your trainees will resonate to.

Third, you learn how to build those extraordinary facilitation skills along with delivering superb experience to make every moment of your trainees memorable.

Fourth, you’re equipped with proven personal branding strategies that elevate your persona far above the competition and maximize its reach and revenue.

Whether you’re looking for a career breakthrough, greater expertise and influence in your chosen field, or even a whole new career and income stream as a creator: Corporate Training Excellence Course is a gateway to achieving your fullest potential and impact.



Aditi Goyal is an award-winning entrepreneur, L&D Strategist, Corporate Trainer and E-learning Specialist. 

She is the Founder of Learn Infinity, a global L&D Company impacting millions of lives. Aditi is an ICF Certified Coach as worked with top brands across 8 different countries globally. Her training courses consistently achieve high post-evaluation scores and completion rates, delivering impressive results for organizations.

Recognized by the Government of Nepal and esteemed platforms like She loves Tech, Aditi is a respected figure in the industry. Her mentorship has benefited over 10,000 professionals, coaches, and students. Media outlets such as BBC and The Himalayan Times have featured her, solidifying her reputation as a thought leader.

 With 7+ years of experience and a stellar educational background, including certifications from Michigan University and the University of Pennsylvania, Aditi is an expert in learning design and analytics.

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Trainer Credentials

  • Aditi has mentored over 10,000 individuals through her training programs across various companies worldwide. 
  • Through her custom e-learning courses, Aditi has impacted lives of 50,000 professionals globally including Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Top Media like BBC, The Himalayan Times, ECS Living Magazine, and ICT Frame have featured me in their articles. AP1 TV has done an exclusive interview with her.

  • Aditi's L&D expertise has led to remarkable metrics in her trainings and e-learning courses with a whopping average of 94% post-evaluation scores and 99% course completion rates.
  • Among the prestigious awards  recieved by her, she has been awarded for IT and Innovation by Government of Nepal, recognized by Nepal Chamber of Commerce.


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Empower your passion for training and unlock the pathway to financial freedom while making a profound impact on lives with our online self-paced “Train the Trainer” course

Designed specifically for aspiring trainers, this program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to captivate your audience, create engaging content, and deliver impactful training sessions. From instructional design principles to effective presentation techniques, our course empowers you to become a confident and influential trainer, ready to inspire and educate others.

It also provides you with the strategies and insights to build a profitable training business. From crafting compelling content to marketing yourself as a sought-after trainer, we guide you through every step of the journey.

With our course, you can unleash your potential, transform lives, and pave the way to financial independence. Start your transformative learning experience today and embark on a fulfilling and lucrative career as a trainer.

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Mindset is the real secret behind success. Success can be challenging because it's not linear. So the very mindsets that have made you successful in life and business can be precisely what's holding you back from the next level of success. 

Highlights Include: 

  • Creative Visualization Practice for Career Success
  • Intention Setting Exercise
  • Goal Setting to Succeed as a Trainer
  • Understanding the Ideal Mindset before being a Trainer
  • The X Factor of Trainers


What makes a Great Trainer? 

Very tricky question, but I am sure the trainer who has got the basics right definitely is on the path to become a great one. In this module we will get ourselves skilled with the fundamentals of training practice. 

Highlights Include: 

  • Crafting the idea of Ideal Learning Experience as a Trainer. 
  • Making Participants Feel Safe Before Training
  • Pain Points, Learning Barriers and Solutions
  • Adult Learning Principles and Theories
  • Neuroscience Considerations for Learning
  • The Forgetting Curve

Highlights Include: 

  • Conducting a Training Needs Analysis
  • ADDIE Model of Instruction Design
  • Exploring Other Models of Instruction Design
  • Designing Learning Outcomes Using Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Structuring the Training Experience
  • Choosing The Right Training Methods

Highlights Include: 

  • Start with an Amazing Opener
  • Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction
  • Build Rapport with Participants
  • Grabbing Attention of Your Audience
  • Designing Treasure of Energizers and Fun Activities 

Highlights Include: 

  • Mastering the Art of Public Speaking 
  • Bring in the Seamless Flow in Your Training
  • The Art of Taking Questions when there are no questions.
  • Identifying Your Own Unique Training Style?
  • How do Extraordinary Trainers Facilitate?

Highlights Include: 

  • How to Present Yourself as a Trainer?
  • Using Storytelling to entice your participants
  • Use of Anecdotes and Analogies
  • Use of Case-Studies and Simulations
  • Designing and Using Visual Elements
  • Applying Experiential Learning Methods
  • Implementing Group-Based Learning Activities

As you reach the completion of the program, you'll look into how you can apply the insights into action so you can build an exponential coaching practice.

Highlights Include: 

  • Ending a Training Session. 
  • Receiving and Giving Feedback
  • Models and Frameworks of Post-Training Evaluation and Assessment.
  • Move Beyond PowerPoint.
  • AI Tools for Trainers
  • How to drive a Community Based Learning Post-Training? 
  • How to Drive Coaching Post-Training for Participants?
  • Additional Tips and Contingency Plans
  • Closing Thoughts


In this module, you will learn about the lucrative opportunities underlying in this industry along with the never-ending competition and how to deal with it. 

Highlights Include: 

  • Discover Your Superpower and Unique Voice
  • Building Your Story
  • Income Stream Strategies for Trainers
  • Launching Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn
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10,000+ Professionals across 7 Countries have Levelled Up with Learn Infinity

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/ Lifetime Access

Pay once, have lifetime access.


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Ryan Morris

HR Manager

The course content is incredibly valuable, and the trainers’ expertise is unmatched. Highly recommended for anyone serious about excelling in the corporate training field.

Natalie Gilbert

L&D Entrepreneur

I can’t thank the team behind this course enough. The strategies I learned helped me not only become an exceptional trainer but also build a thriving business that has positively impacted countless lives.

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Shreya Singh

Training Manager

As someone who wanted to make a difference through training, this course exceeded my expectations. It helped me build a solid foundation and equipped me with the skills to create impactful training programs.

Farah Ahmad

Corporate Trainer

This course transformed my career! I went from struggling to find clients to earning a six-figure income in just a few months

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Asked Questions

Absolutely! The Training for Trainers course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced individuals. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of training, as well as advanced techniques to take your skills to the next level.

No worries! Our course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to start your training journey from scratch. We provide practical exercises, case studies, and real-world examples to ensure you gain a solid foundation in training.

The Training for Trainers course is a comprehensive program that spans over 10 weeks. We have carefully structured the course to provide you with a balanced learning experience that covers all essential aspects of corporate training.


Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certification that validates your training skills and demonstrates your competence as a corporate trainer. This certification will enhance your professional credibility and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Absolutely! Once you enroll in the Training for Trainers course, you gain lifetime access to the course materials, including video lectures, resources, and additional learning materials. You can revisit the content at your convenience and continue to benefit from the course even after completion.

Our course not only focuses on building your training skills but also provides insights and strategies to position yourself as a highly sought-after corporate trainer. We share proven techniques to attract big companies as clients and negotiate lucrative contracts, enabling you to earn a six-figure income.

Yes! The Training for Trainers course is entirely online, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the course materials, lectures, and engage with fellow participants.

Absolutely! We are committed to your success. Throughout the course, you will have access to a dedicated support team to address any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, you will be part of a vibrant community of trainers, where you can network, share experiences, and continue learning even after the course.


If you have any additional questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team. We are here to assist you and provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Aditi Goyal corporate e-learning

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