What is self-confidence?

Who doesn’t want to be confident? There are times when everyone seems confident except you. Confidence doesn’t come itself; you have to make yourself confident. To become confident, you need to believe in yourself.  Being self-confident is all about trusting yourself in any situation.

Self-confidence is simply being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and committing to turn weakness into strength. Self-confidence is having the courage, to tell the truth, and do what you like. Self-confidence is a positive feeling about courageous actions born from a sense of self-respect. 

But, self-confidence does not mean believing that you’re perfect and holding unrealistic expectations and standards. Self-confidence is an idea that makes people think they can overcome challenges and uncertainties.


9 ways to become self-confident

Here are 9 different ways one can become self-confident.

  • Positivity

Where your focus is, that’s where your energy goes. Some people have negative thoughts every time; they cannot become confident. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Think about how you’re going to give the best presentation rather than thinking about whether you will be nervous or fearful.

“The most helpful definition of being positive is having hope and confidence in one’s ability to handle what’s tough, along with remembering that nothing is all negative all the time”, says

  • Do what matters to you

Self-Confident people achieve success because they do what they want to. Doing things that are your interest will itself bring confidence in you. If you do something forcefully or something you’re not interested in, will never bring confidence in you.

  • Improve your self-talk

Our words create emotions; our words can make a huge impact. Do you talk to yourself? Also known as inner monologue, it is really important to become self-confident. There are times when we think negatively, catch ourselves when we’re thinking negatively, and replace the thought with something we like about ourselves.

  • Gratitude

Gratitude means simply being thankful. Being grateful is the key to a happy life. Stop focusing on something you don’t have and be thankful for everything you have. Time when you start appreciating things, you will feel more like a gift of God. This will help you become confident. To get more tips to practice gratitude, visit Gratefulness.

  • Remember your past successes

Take time out to remember your success even the small ones. When you remember your past achievement, it will help you become self-confident. Most people are self-confident, why? Because they remember their past success stories and take credit for them in the present.

  • Making eye contact

Now, this is a really important point of building self-confidence. To connect with people first you should make eye contact. This seems hard but as you make eye contact, you’ll notice self-confidence in yourself. Eye contact has proven as the quickest way to become self-confident when you meet people and make relationships strong.

  • Be prepared

To be self-confident while presenting yourself, first, you need to be prepared. Beat the fearful feeling by being prepared. If you’re prepared then, you’ll become confident. For example, if you are already prepared for the exam then you’ll get good results but if you aren’t prepared, then you’ll lose your confidence.

  • Start small

What mistake we often do is shoot for the moon. This makes a person discouraged and they fail. Success doesn’t come overnight, it takes time. Set small goals and day by day you’ll do better. Set a small goal and achieve it. The more you achieve small goals, the more confident you’ll become and you’ll feel better too. Check out Why should you start small? by  Buffer.

  • Knowledge powerhouse

Empower yourself with knowledge as much as you can. You can do it in many ways, but be sure you’re getting knowledge. Becoming more knowledgeable makes you more self-confident. in today’s world we are gifted by the internet, so make wise use of it rather than wasting time playing games and watching series. Fill your mind with knowledge through the internet, books, and magazines. 

Key takeaway

Lastly, becoming confident is not an overnight process; it takes time. But by following the above tips every day, you can build up confidence that will propel you towards your goals. Everyone has their confidence struggles at certain times of their life, that’s normal. 

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