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Challenge: When the Nation’s Largest ISP Company needs to Reskill it’s largest workforce army of Fiber Technicians all over Nepal, you have to make sure the right targets are nailed.

After Extensive Need Assessment and Superb Instructional Design with Mind-Blowing Multimedia Output, it was obvious that we became part of a larger mission than to just upskill. 

Goal: To Create A Mind-Blowing Mobile E-learning Course in Micro Learning that would cater to the needs of 5000+ Fiber Technicians in alignment with Company Goals which is relevant, simplified to the care and have 99% Completion Rates. 

Result: The Course we designed led to 99% Course -Completion with 94% Post-Course Evaluation Average. Voila!! A New Benchmark.

Learning Needs Assessment
Custom E-learning Course Design and Development


Challenge: Training Needs Analysis often goes vague and biased when it is done in-house. Why?

Because it’s not the core job of different department heads plus they are not equipped to conduct it nor given any support. 

Goal: To train and equip the Senior Most Leaders of Ncell Axiata, the largest telecommunication company in Nepal with headquarters in Malaysia on how to conduct Learning Needs Analysis for their team in the scientific way!!


Learning Needs Analysis
Corporate Training


Challenge: CUSTOMER FIRST is one of the most prioritized things in Fintech Industry. While there are many stakeholders in this particular industry, it becomes extremely challenging yet crucial to give an exceptional Customer Experience. 

Custom Corporate Training
Post Evaluation with L&D Consulting
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Challenge: WASH Alliance being one of the widely spread group of INGO’s all over the world are focusing on improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Practices in every corner of the world. It becomes extremely difficult to first educate the stakeholders in rural areas who have taken this responsibility. 

Goal: To equip all the stakeholders of Water Systems regarding Asset Management of Water Systems in rural areas of Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethopia while delivering the content quality standards of Europe. 

Custom E-learning Course Design and Development
Learning Needs Analysis
E-learning Online Course Design Nepal Employee Development


Challenge: A Budding Edtech Platform which has disrupted the market completely by it’s variety and in-depth educational courses from K-12 to Engineering and now expanding to every other possible area to bring in the quality and affordability in education. With this ambitious goal, comes great challenges. The primary being how to design and launch to cater to the students nation wide. 

Goal: To design e-learning courses and brand it with positioning as the most affordable yet quality education ever provided to the students of this emerging country.

Learning Design
ROI Analysis

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