Challenge: When the Nation’s Largest ISP Company needs to Reskill it’s largest workforce army of Fiber Technicians all over Nepal, you have to make sure the right targets are nailed.

After Extensive Need Assessment and Superb Instructional Design with Mind-Blowing Multimedia Output, it was obvious that we became part of a larger mission than to just upskill. 

Goal: To Create A Mind-Blowing Mobile E-learning Course in Micro Learning that would cater to the needs of 5000+ Fiber Technicians in alignment with Company Goals which is relevant, simplified to the care and have 99% Completion Rates. 

Result: The Course we designed led to 99% Course -Completion with 94% Post-Course Evaluation Average. Voila!! A New Benchmark.

Learning Needs Assessment
Custom E-learning Course Design and Development
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Screenshot 2023 07 02 175447 corporate e-learning
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nce corporate e-learning


Challenge: Training Needs Analysis often goes vague and biased when it is done in-house. Why?

Because it’s not the core job of different department heads plus they are not equipped to conduct it nor given any support. 

Goal: To train and equip the Senior Most Leaders of Ncell Axiata, the largest telecommunication company in Nepal with headquarters in Malaysia on how to conduct Learning Needs Analysis for their team in the scientific way!!


Corporate Training
Need Analysis & Post Training Evaluation


Challenge: With a wide range of front team members & associates representing the company infront of the customers, Ncell was facing a challenge to mentor & guide their large team through formal training sessions.

Goal: To transform the current senior employees into trainers/mentors who can further train & transfer expertise in the most efficient manner to the front liners of the company.

"Train The Trainer" Traning
Custom Training Manual
Learning Needs Analysis & Post Training Evaluation


Challenge: Siddhartha Bank, a prominent A-class bank in Nepal dedicated towards customer delight encountered the difficulty of propagating this mission consistently across all branches throughout the country. 

Outcome: A one-day “Customer Experience Masterclass” was arranged with the aim of bettering the interpersonal skills of Operation In-charges and assisting the Siddhartha Bank team in being the best at customer experience.  


Challenge: Elevating exceptional individuals to higher roles brought about the necessity for training sessions to adeptly manage teams and navigate personal emotions. This challenge underscored the importance of seamlessly integrating operational excellence with leadership proficiency, prompting the creation of a customized training program tailored to meet the unique needs of participants.

Goal: The goal was to empower young branch managers with crucial leadership skills and emotional intelligence, enabling them to implement practical techniques and strategies for effective team leadership and personal emotion management.

Detailed Training Needs Analysis
Intensive Post Evaluation
Customized Training Sessions
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sid1 corporate e-learning
siddhartha bank corporate e-learning
yamaha corporate e-learning
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Challenge: Yamaha Nepal wanted to instill a transformative shift by fostering a growth mindset across its ASM’s, RSM’s, CX, Marketing, and BD teams, as the foundational step toward building a more progressive and adaptable work culture.


Goal: The primary goal of the training initiative was to instill a Growth Mindset for Career and Workplace shaping their perspective on professional growth

Ultimately, the objective was to empower individuals within the company to embrace growth-oriented mindsets, thereby fueling positive changes across the company.

Detailed Learning Assessment
Customized Curriculum & Training
Post Evaluation & Engagement

 Challenge: As NMB Bank strived to uphold its reputation for exceptional customer service, ensuring consistent delivery of this mission across all branches nationwide presents a formidable challenge.

Through meticulous Needs Assessment and Instructional Design, coupled with engaging Multimedia Outputs, it becomes evident that we’re not merely enhancing skills; we’re integral to a broader quest for unparalleled customer service.

Outcome: The primary goal of the training initiative was to cultivate a customer-centric mindset among employees, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in service delivery, ultimately driving positive changes throughout the bank.

Detailed Training Needs Analysis
Customer Service Excellence Training
NMB corporate e-learning
NMB1 corporate e-learning

Challenge: Khalti, one of the leading digital wallets in Nepal, was facing the challenge to prioritize ‘CUSTOMER FIRST’ moto among the customer service representatives which is one of the most prioritized value in service sector Fintech Industry. 

Goal: To instill fundamental communication skills along with their existing “Customer First” approach from Top to Bottom Level of management.

Custom Corporate Training
Post Evaluation with L&D Consulting
samsung 1 corporate e-learning
samsungg 1 corporate e-learning

Challenge: With a renowned brand like Samsung, there comes a significant responsibility. Samsung Electronics Nepal embraces the opportunity to align its nationwide sales team with the esteemed name and values of the Samsung brand.

This also entailed fostering a cohesive approach to sales techniques and mindset among the youthful sales team.


Goal: The ultimate goal was to develop and deliver a comprehensive training session that intricately incorporates sales, communication, and customer experience principles, ensuring seamless integration of newfound knowledge into daily sales practices.

Training Needs Assessment
Customized Curriculum & Training

Challenge: Subisu Cablenet faced a significant challenge to effectively deliver consistent learning & development opportunities to its extensive employee base across the country.

The absence of a streamlines approach to employee development posed a challenge in ensuring consistent skill enhancement and growth opportunities for their staff members, reflecting a need for a more efficient & targeted learning solution.

Goal: To revolutionize learning & development by designing & developing bite-sized e-learning courses in multiple languages to cater to their diverse employee base.

It fulfilled the aim to offer accessible, tailored, & impactful training materials enhancing employee skills & knowledge 

Custom E-learning Course Design and Development
Need Assessment & Post Evaluation
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Challenge: Dabur Nepal, renowned for its focus on fostering a people-centric culture, recognized that with a seasoned workforce that has been with the company for an extended period, they were encountering a challenge in sustaining motivation among its employees.

The challenge of entrenched fixed mindsets further hindered adaptability and fresh thinking, collaboration, and agility.


Goal: To create impactful change, reignite enthusiasm and foster a culture of continuous improvement in the mindset of Dabur Nepal’s employees through a tailored training session on “Growth Mindset Mastery for Workplace Success”.

Custom Training Session
Need Assessment & Action Mapping
dabur nepall corporate e-learning
dabur corporate e-learning
CG corporate e-learning
CG6 corporate e-learning

Challenge: Negotiation can be tricky, especially when dealing with people from different countries and cultures. This was exactly the challenge faced by the CG team.



Goal: Create a customized workshop on negotiation skills dedicated to CG Electronics’ Finance and Procurement Teams.

The goal is to familiarize them with diverse cultural norms, narrow the divide between cultures, and impart detailed insights into a range of negotiation techniques.

Learning Needs Analysis
Corporate Training

Challenge: WASH Alliance being one of the widely spread group of INGO’s all over the world are focusing on improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Practices in every corner of the world. It becomes extremely difficult to first educate the stakeholders in rural areas who have taken this responsibility. 

Goal: To equip all the stakeholders of Water Systems regarding Asset Management of Water Systems in rural areas of Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethopia while delivering the content quality standards of Europe. 

Custom E-learning Course Design and Development
Learning Needs Analysis

Challenge: Nepal’s first licensed  digital payment provider IME Digital Solution was facing the issue of delegation among the manages and to design a holistic employee experience.

Goal: The overall goal of the training sessions was to help managers design a holistic Employee Experience at their Workplace and Be an Influential leader to their team members.

Transformational Leadership Training
Learning Needs Analysis And Post Evaluation
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Screenshot 2023 07 02 174608 corporate e-learning

Challenge: A Budding Edtech Platform which has disrupted the market completely by it’s variety and in-depth educational courses from K-12 to Engineering and now expanding to every other possible area to bring in the quality and affordability in education. With this ambitious goal, comes great challenges. The primary being how to design and launch to cater to the students nation wide. 

Goal: To design e-learning courses and brand it with positioning as the most affordable yet quality education ever provided to the students of this emerging country.

Learning Design
ROI Analysis

Challenge: Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Sparrow SMS), Nepal’s leading SMS Service Provider, was facing the challenge of implementing the newly learned sales techniques & strategy effectively.


Goal: Teach techniques related to consultative selling approach along with implementation strategy & reflective techniques to the company’s sales professionals.

Sales Mastery Training
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A Corporate Trainer taking her training session.

Challenge: Asterdio, a prominent software development company in Nepal, was facing an essential skills gap & active engagement among their developers, which were crucial factors for effective leadership.

Goal: To inculcate their current developers & transform them into future leaders through transformational leadership exercises.

Transformational Leadership Training

Challenge: MAW Investment, one of the leading hire purchase financing companies of Nepal, was facing the challenge of using new communication style and assertiveness while dealing with their customers.


Goal: To establish an organization-wide practice through strategic communication training, fostering an understanding of assertiveness. 

By imparting these skills and strategies, the goal is to enhance the proficiency of MAW Investment’s staff, enabling them to navigate customer interactions more effectively, especially in the context of loan recovery processes.

Learning Needs Analysis And Post Evaluation
Custom Training Solutions
maw corporate e-learning
maw1701152659633 corporate e-learning
assabet398463826 7546160182066902 1792914188034692193 n corporate e-learning
asssa1700021868549 corporate e-learning

Challenge: Assabet Technology, a booming IT Services & Consulting firm wanted to instill a culture of learning &growing, fostering both innovation &adaptability. 

Our intervention materialized through the orchestration of two customized training sessions titled “Growth Mindset & Team Building” and “Personality Development,” a testament to their unwavering commitment perpetual learning & growth.


Goal: The first session aimed centered at cultivating growth mindset through interactive and thought-provoking workshops. Whereas, the second session focused on personality development, aiming to enhance interpersonal skills, communication, and self awareness. 

Overall, these sessions aligned with Assabet Technology’s goal of empowering their employees, fostering innovation & nurturing a culture of professional excellence.

Growth Mindset and Team Building Training
Personality Development Training

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