8 effective ways to overcome communication problem

What is communication?

Ineffective communication is a barrier to effective working. Communication struggles can lead to misunderstandings and negative images. You want to avoid misunderstandings, right? After reading this blog, you will be able to understand communication basics and that might help you communicate well.

To simply put, communication is a process of sending or receiving messages that might be verbal, non-verbal. Verbal communication includes speech, feedback, and advice. And, Non-verbal communication includes facial expression, eye contact, or gestures. Humans can use words and languages to convey a message.

According to Alberto Martinez, “Communication can be defined as a process by means of which a person is in contact with another through a message, and expects the latter of a response, be an opinion, activity or behavior”.

8 effective ways to overcome communication problem

Listen first

Listening is a crucial tool of conversation; understand what the next person is trying to say. You shouldn’t miss any key information said by the next person. If you’re just pretending to listen, that might lead to misunderstanding. And, after the person has finished sharing information, you go ahead. If you didn’t get what the other person said, ask immediately or it will too lead to misunderstanding.

Make communication a two-way process


Don’t make a conversation awkward. One shouldn’t be talking while you remain silent the whole time. This might lead to a poor relationship between two people. Try engaging in active conversation and make it a nice dialogue. It is important to build and flourish the relationship between people, and two-way message transmission can help with it.

Speak clear

To avoid confusion situation and ensure that the next person understands you, speak clearly.  When you speak, be sure that you are conveying important information. Don’t miss to convey important matters. Also, make sure that the next person is actively listening to you.

Be positive

Be sure that your message brings a positive environment. Many people speak negatively most of the time and that might hamper the next person. By speaking positively, you can also help the next person lower stress levels. When you become a positive speaker, people are more likely to listen to you and the conversation goes better.

Be respectful

A respectful conversation is when you listen carefully and respond gently to others. Even if you don’t agree with the next person show respect towards their opinion. This can help you build strong relationships and understand others’ perspectives. Listen graciously and talk politely to the other person.


To build up trust in a conversation, you should have a conversation consistently. Also, have a meaningful conversation and make the next person comfortable while talking. While talking, be open and honest. Share the information from your site quickly and freely. Speak what is true and that way you can build trust in conveying a message.

Don’t mix up information

For example, if it’s the business message, don’t mix up personal matters. People mostly tend to mix up professional and personal lives while talking. This might lead to decreased morale or even accusations. Try to talk more about the conversation matter rather than bringing personal lives during the talk.

Be transparent

Embrace transparency while communicating. This helps to build trust and effective conversation. Don’t hide any information while communicating. Be honest and reveal every important piece of information.

Key takeaway

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An ineffective conversation might lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in both personal and professional lives. We all get stuck while communicating at one or another time in our lives. Above mentioned are the 8 most important pieces of advice that might help you communicate better. All these tips won’t work instantly; it will take time, so be patient and work more on your communication skills. All the above-mentioned hacks will help your communication build back on track.

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