Motivating yourself isn’t as easy as we think it is. There are times when you don’t want to get off the bed or you just want to Netflix and chill. This cycle seems to never end. You get frustrated with pending works and no motivation. Then you may feel that you’re not enough or you’re a loser. But what you think it absolutely wrong. Demotivation happens to everyone. But thankfully, there are ways you can inspire yourself.

Top 8 ways to become motivated


  • Just start it

Even if you’re not inspired to finish it, no worries, just start it. Starting a task is a great thing itself. Before starting any task, make sure you don’t let negative thoughts inside you. Set aside all the emotions, and just start. Writer Mark Twain says, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

  • Make a to-do list

To-Do lists are helpful to keep you motivated and focused on important tasks. When you have pending tasks with no motivation, make a to-do list and include only those tasks that are urgent or important. For a day, set more than 3 tasks. When you’re done completing it, make a new to-do list. To make an effective to-do list, you can get help from 10 ways to make better to-do lists

  • Imagine your future

When I’m not inspired, I imagine my future goals, and trust me this gets me back to work. There are times when you don’t want to focus at all. At that time, instead of trying to focus, just imagine that you have got the destination or your future goals, this will make you motivated automatically. Try asking yourself, “What will my life look like after 5 years?” Make sure to check out this outstanding speech by Ms. Patti Dobrowolski on Ted talks.

  • Eliminate distractions

Now, this might be hard. Distractions are such an enemy of focus. If you want to be motivated, first you need to eliminate distractions. Different people have different ways to eliminate distractions; some may switch off their phones, while some may install productivity apps. Use your way to avoid distractions and see how you progress. Check out these 7 amazing anti-distraction app on Zapier to be focused.

  • Commit 100%

When you’ve decided you’ll complete a task, commit 100%. Commit to give the whole time, effort, and hard work to the task and complete it. You want to achieve the goal, right? Then, you’ll have to give some time to your work. Nothing will work unless you do it.

  • Play energetic music

Now, this is my personal favorite. Energetic music gives you that energy to work and inspire you. Take a break when you don’t want to work. Give 15-20 minutes to listen to your personal favorite or energetic music. The music tip works for many people and it’s effective.

  • Be kind to yourself

People mostly tend to be harsh to them working extra hours or just working to complete the task. Unless you don’t have motivation, you cannot give a great output. It is okay to take a break when you’re demotivated. Try this with yourself, take breaks and complete the tasks.

  • Reward yourself

Last but not the least, reward yourself. Celebrate your success, even a small one. Take a look at how far you’ve come. Remember the times when you had completed tasks and celebrate those. This will too bring motivation in you to start doing new tasks. When you remember your past achievements, the motivation to start another work tends to go up.

Bottom line

With all the tips I shared, I think now you know what to do when you’re feeling demotivated.  For those who get distracted, you’re not a failure. Everybody goes through the time when they’re not motivated at all. It’s okay, but what winners do is, boost themselves to get out of that time and get going. You may not feel motivated, maybe while starting a business, losing weight, or studying. But now with all the above tips, I hope you’ll know how to motivate yourself.


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