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As per our requirement, the team at learn infinity provided us with customized training content for both CSR and team leads. The training was engaging and the entire process from need analysis to the training delivery was precisely taken care of. The holistic approach they took throughout the training development was impressive.    - Shreya Murarka
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A Thorough Need Assessment using the ADDIE model was conducted including Different Heads of Departments across Company and the Participants themselves.

Various analysis tools like Focus Group Discussions, Questionnaire Surveys and One on One interviews were conducted to Identify the Gap between Top Level Management’s perception and the Employees Actual Needs.


Total of 20 hours training content, 5 hours each for Customer Service Representatives and Team leads was designed.

To shift the whole training session to a practical level, various interactive and engaging activities were thoroughly planned out.



A Learning ROI analysis using Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation was conducted to assess the Post Training success rate among the Customer Service Representatives and Team Leaders.


Various Practical Business Cases and Situations were incorporated during the Assessment Process to evaluate the decision making ability and improvement in approach to Performance among the participants.

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With the dream of providing the best user experience, Khalti, one of the Pioneer Fintech companies of Nepal, has been bringing financial inclusivity to every single Nepali since 2017.

Though Khalti had a strong industry presence in the fintech sector, it was lagging behind in providing the best customer experience and maintaining a healthy inter team coordination.

Learn Infinity was invited to increase a sense of accountability among the employees and help them get equipped with the motto of Khalti regarding customer experience it provides to its customers.


Customized training content was developed where learners participated in various situational exercises and role plays to improve their communication skills and understand their job requirements.

The overall content was presented in an encouraging tone with appreciative intakes from the learners. Overview of Khalti’s business practice for dealing with clients, overcoming anxiety and providing quality service to the customers was thoroughly explained.

Before making the content, we conducted a thorough Need Assessment including Questionarres, Focus Group Discussion, Action Mapping, One-on-One Interviews, and Real Time Job Observation. 

Major factors like Company Culture, Learner’s Environment, Learner’s Skill and Attitude Gaps, Performance Context were given maximum priority. 

Learners improved their overall comprehension of the desired customer experience and the steps that must be taken to reach the goal of Khalti in regards to providing the best user experience.

In order to provide the Khalti team with a 360-degree solution, a 20-hour training course, a Report on the Company-Wide Learning Need Assessment, and Post-Training ROI Evaluation along with L&D consulting were provided.

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Khalti is one of the few very companies of Nepal highly focused on providing the best user experience and customer delight to their customers by training their employees on a regular basis.
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