What is Mindfulness?

There are times when multiple thoughts inside us are going on. And there are times with we try to control them, but it only worsens. We all want peace within us, right? Simply talking, mindfulness is an ability to reduce stress and create more space.

Mindfulness is relaxing in the present moment. Mindfulness is being aware of every moment you’re engaged in, in the present. It is a practice of being aware and conscious in the present time.


According to the University of MinnesotaMindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.

Many of us live in a different moment that is not related to the present. When we get lost in our thoughts, we miss the experiences, emotions, and connections of the present. Being mindful helps one to live in the present and have a clear picture of the current situation.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

8 ways to practice mindfulness


Presenting you the ways you can become mindful and live in the present.

  • Just breathe

Practice deep long breathes. Concentrate on your breathing and be aware of what’s happening to your body. Are you relaxed or uncomfortable? Try your best to avoid thoughts but acknowledge them if they enter into your mind. The first day might be difficult; but day after day, you’ll notice positive changes in yourself.

  • Handle emotions

Be careful with the emotions that come to you. Let your emotions in and try to understand them. Try to understand what is bothering you. Emotions will always be there, but be aware of what emotions you should let in and what emotions should be let away. Studies from 2010 suggest that having good emotional regulation skills is linked with well-being. 

  • Surf your cravings

Be aware of what cravings or needs are bothering you. Cravings or addictions are something that’ll damage you. Try satisfying your needs and wants. When your needs and wants don’t get satisfied, then too you not be able to achieve mindfulness.

  • Spend time with nature

A lot of research has said that spending time with nature increases the feelings of wonder and relaxes the body and mind. Spending time with nature is good for physical health but it is more beneficial for mental health.

  • Set boundaries for screen time

To achieve mindfulness, analyze the screen time on the phone and social media. Setting limits for social media can become a great aid to become mindful. When you stop using social media for a long time, it can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Take a walk

Try walking around nature. Walking can help in bringing thoughtfulness. Give your full attention while walking and experience the wellness of walking. Notice your senses and feel the world while you walk. This can become a great help in reducing anxiety and stress.  

  • Eat well

We mostly tend to eat while watching TV, reading scrolling. To become mindful, eat well, and engage yourself fully while eating. Don’t distract yourself with other stuff while eating. Be fully in the present while eating. When you start eating comfortably, you get aware of the present.

  • Journaling

Studies Have shown that journaling helps in boosting memory. Commit yourself to take notes on tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Take 10 mins a day to write a journal about how you’re going to spend the day. This helps you build productivity and catalog your days. Writing a journal motivates you to complete the tasks which lead to reducing stress. That ultimately leads to mindfulness. Also, do check out Learn Infinity’s blog on Journaling.

Key takeaway

It seems easy to think and feel. But we tend to think more about different matters; this needs to stop. By achieving mindfulness, you will be able to slow down and meaningfully perform your everyday tasks. Mindfulness allows one to engage in the present senses and experience everyday moments of life. Experiencing mindfulness might also include washing clothes, quality sleep, and a mindful shower.

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If you’re new to mindfulness, first you need to be kind and patient. You should understand that everything takes time. Your mind may be full and it may be hard at the first attempt to slow down your thoughts. Start from where you are and practice mindfulness regularly and then one day you’ll achieve mindfulness.

You are not alone struggling to become mindful. Just work on it and one day you’ll reach your destination.

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