3 Best Steps to Motivate Employees for Training

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Effective training

Conducting an effective training neither sounds easy nor is easy in reality. Even if you put full efforts from your side to create a good plan, it may still become a failure.

For instance, think of a situation where your employee productivity is really going down. You’ve been getting the pressure to solve the problem. You ask a few employees and confirm a reason, so you come up with a solution to provide a new software. 

You bring it in, hire the best trainer in the country and pay him your best to assure he trains them well.  So you start thinking that you are providing THE BEST training for your employees. But, do your employees also think the same? 

Are they actually motivated to attend your session and make the optimum use of it?

It is not simple to motivate your employees to take that session. They may attend it by force, but what’s the point? They surely wouldn’t grab anything. 

Anyways, why should your employees attend the training if you and your organization are the only ones benefitting.



What happens when your employees do attend the training sessions but aren’t motivated enough?

  • Underutilization of contentThe program may offer employees a lot. But due to a lack of motivation, they won’t be able to grab the information. There will be no application in job tasks and improvement in their job performance will be zero.
  • Wastage of company efforts: The efforts of the company in assessing the need areas, specifying needs, mapping content, searching for trainers, or deploying in-house trainers everything will simply go in vain.
  • Increased company costs: Since the employees will show no improvement. You will have to organize the training in different ways again and again for which you will have to incur expenses again and again. Read more on how demotivated  employees increase company cost.

How to motivate employees?

  • Involve the employees in the process

There is no point in isolating the employees from the training design. After all, the content is for them.

Do not assume their problems and therefore their solutions. Survey their needs very well before starting to create content. The more they are involved in the process, the more they find the content to be relevant which eventually motivated them to take up the session.

  • Communicate well with them

You create fantastic and extremely useful training content for your employees but how are they going to know ways it can help them?

Talk clearly and precisely to them about:

  • What issues did you identify?
  • What content did you put up?
  • Why did you put them up?
  • How it is going to benefit them?

One useful hack is not just to show them task-based benefits, but also career benefits.

  • Use mobile-friendly LMS

How about getting your employees rid of traveling hassles, time management issues, and attention span problems?

Isn’t it a great way to motivate your employees by allowing them to learn anywhere at any time and at their own pace?

That is what mobile-friendly LMS allows you to do. Learning Management System itself is a concept for online learning. 

But if you make it mobile-friendly it is even easier to motivate your employees because learning is literally in their pocket!

Edapp says that, Mobile learning remains the fastest growing market in the sector.


Once you are able to create that urge in employees to learn, you are a step closer to making your training effective. Usage of Learning Management System provides ensures higher effectiveness when it comes to training the employees. Read from Learn Infinity, Benefits of E-learning for organization and Benefits of E-learning for employees.

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