How to prepare for Gen Z in the workplace? 5 proven strategies

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In Nepal, Gen Z represents a significant portion of the population, as 52% of people fall between the ages of 7 and 24, making it the largest demographic group in the country. 

 While globally, Gen Z represents 25.9% of the world population, in Nepal, this number is even higher, highlighting the importance of understanding and engaging with this group in the workplace. 

It’s essential for businesses to develop effective strategies to engage with the growing number of Gen Z professionals in the workforce, as they are expected to triple in number by 2030 and now outnumber millennials.

Let’s face it, the world of work is changing rapidly, and we need to keep up with the new kids on the block – Gen Z! They may have been born with a smartphone in their hand, but that doesn’t mean they’re not ready to take on the workforce. 

By 2030, it’s predicted that Gen Z employees will account for 30% of the U.S. workforce. To stay competitive, businesses need to take the time to understand and adapt to the needs of both Millennials and Gen Zers today. Failing to do so could mean missing out on top talent in the future.

Who are the Generation Z? 

gen z

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z or Zoomers, refers to the demographic group born after the millennial generation. While there is no set start or end date for the generation, it is generally accepted to include those born between the mid-1990s to the mid-2010s, with some definitions extending to 2010s or later. This group is characterised as being the first truly digital-native generation, having grown up with constant access to technology and being highly connected through social media.

But it’s not just all about the technology with these guys. Gen Zers are socially conscious and care deeply about social issues, from climate change to gender equality. They’re the ones leading the charge for change and making their voices heard in ways we’ve never seen before. So, if you want to stay relevant, you better understand what makes these young guns tick and how to work with them. Get with the program, man!

What does Gen Z want in the workplace?

Gen Z wants a lot of things in the workplace, but one of the most important is a sense of purpose. They want to feel like they’re making a positive impact and contributing to something larger than themselves. They’re also looking for a flexible work-life balance and the ability to work from anywhere.

Gen Zers value inclusivity and diversity, and they want to work for companies that share these same values. They’re also looking for transparency and authenticity in their work environment, with open communication and a willingness to listen to their ideas and feedback.

In terms of career development, Gen Z values continuous learning and growth opportunities. They want to work for companies that invest in their professional development and offer opportunities for mentorship and skill-building. Additionally, they want to feel like their work is making a tangible impact on their organisation and the world.

Creating a Gen Z-Friendly Workplace: Strategies

πŸ’» Provide a Technology-Friendly Workplace:

gen z

Gen Z has grown up with technology and is comfortable with it. They expect to have access to technology in the workplace and are likely to be more productive if they have it. 

Provide your employees with up-to-date technology and ensure that the software and platforms used in the workplace are user-friendly and easy to use.

To meet the technology needs of Gen Z in the workplace, it’s important to choose reliable tools that seamlessly integrate into your business. This generation has high expectations when it comes to technology, with a strong desire for fast internet connections and applications that work across multiple devices. Meeting these expectations can not only boost productivity and engagement among Gen Z employees, but also help your business stay competitive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

80% of Gen Z want to work with advanced technology, and 91% consider a company’s tech as a deciding factor for job offers.”

βš™οΈ Foster a Collaborative Work Environment:

Gen Z has been raised in a collaborative environment, and they value teamwork and collaboration.

Gen Z is all about teamwork, so if you want to keep these young guns happy at work, you need to create a work environment that fosters collaboration. Here are some tips to get the collaboration party started:

First up, encourage open communication by having an open-door policy. This means that your employees should feel free to speak their minds and share their ideas without fear of retribution.

Next, give your team opportunities to work together. Collaboration doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to provide opportunities for your employees to work on projects together and share their expertise.

Last but not least, celebrate teamwork! When your team works together to achieve a goal, make sure you take the time to recognize their efforts and celebrate their successes. This will encourage them to keep working together and make the workplace a more collaborative, fun place to be.

πŸ’‘ Offer Opportunities for Continuous Learning:

Gen Z has a thirst for knowledge and wants to keep learning. They expect opportunities for professional development and growth within their workplace.

To keep them happy and engaged in the workplace, consider implementing a training and development program with regular workshops and online courses.

 Don’t forget about mentorship and coaching programs to help Gen Z employees learn from experienced colleagues. And for those who want to pursue advanced degrees or professional certifications, consider offering tuition reimbursement or education assistance programs.

By investing in their growth and development, you’ll not only keep them happy, but also boost the value and competitiveness of your organisation. 

βœ… Provide Flexibility: 

Flexibility is key to attracting and retaining Gen Z employees in the workplace. This generation places a high value on work-life balance and the ability to work from anywhere. By offering flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options or flexible hours, you can not only meet the needs of Gen Z, but also increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

This can be particularly important for companies competing for top talent, as many Gen Zers prioritize flexibility when choosing where to work.

According to recent studies, 42% of Gen Z workers prioritize work-life balance, flexible vacation time, and the ability to work from home when looking for a job. 

πŸ“ŒCreate a Purpose-Driven Workplace:

Randstad study: 42% of Gen Z are willing to take a pay cut for a job that makes a difference, and 49% won’t join a company that conflicts with their values.”

Gen Z has got a lot on its plate! From climate change to extreme wealth gaps, mass shootings to potential AI domination – they’re dealing with some heavy stuff! But, amidst all this chaos, there’s one thing that’s crystal clear – making a difference matters to them, a lot! They’re determined to tackle the big issues and create a better world.

Gen Z wants to work for companies that have a purpose beyond profit. They want to work for companies that share their values and are making a positive impact on the world. Create a purpose-driven workplace by aligning your company’s mission with social and environmental causes that your employees care about.

This will help your employees feel more connected to their work and improve job satisfaction.

Move over Baby Boomers and Millennials, because Gen Z is here to steal the spotlight! These young tech-savvy trailblazers are taking the business world by storm, and if you’re not ready to catch their wave, you might just get left behind in their dust.

But fear not, because by embracing these five strategies to prepare for Gen Z in the workplace, you’ll be able to keep up with their lightning-fast pace and help your company thrive in the technology-driven terrain. So, let’s get ready to ride the Gen Z wave and watch as they break boundaries and show us that age really is just a number!

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